grandpa laughing with grandchildren

I thought they took really good care of him.

– They were helpful and took good care of their patients. They were real considerate.

– I thought my brother received good care there.

– It was a superior facility.

– It wasn’t just the quality of care, but the personal care was wonderful.


– I want to thank you and all of your management teams for the wonderful care, love and devotion, that you gave to my mother, (redacted) during her stay and final days of her life at The Pines.  I know that there were also many other staff workers involved, whose names I cannot remember, but they all did a great job.

I am at a loss of all the appropriate choice of words that I should use to thank all of you, so I will close with a simple “Thank you all” for the great care of my mother.


– Dear all staff who took care of (redacted),

My mother has requested that I write this letter to you all.  In doing so she has mentioned several people whom she feels should receive an honorable mention of some sort.  Before I proceed with her requested list, I would like to take a moment of my own to THANK you ALL!  I truly am grateful for a place like The Pines at Placerville.  Being a RN myself, it was very scary to see my mom in this sort of situation, and to see her have to go to a “skilled nursing facility”.  From the moment she arrived EVERYONE was so nice to her, taking good care of her in every way imaginable!  I could go on and on about the staff that works there, but I will proceed by abiding to her request as follows:  Keep in mind; this is my mother’s request and her words.  She has asked me to name the following people because she feels that the people listed have gone “above and beyond”.  She states that all treated her like a queen.  All were “five star” people to her.  She also wanted to thank “Mac Jones” for being involved in the hiring of such excellent people!  Her requested list is as follows:

Favorite: Deborah Herman – Lead PT.  Friend for life and my guardian angel!  Top notch care, five stars!  If you go in negative and sad, you come out positive and happy when she’s done with you…Guaranteed!

Another favorite: David – CNA, AKA: “Dimple Boy”.  He treated me as if I was his own mother, and can light up a room, always so sweet, patient and kind.

Tiffany Nahhas – LVN  Gives 5 star care!

Lief Medrud – CNA  5 star care!

Samantha McClung – Housekeeping 5 stars!

Angel – LVN  Over the top care!

Nancy – Medical Records – 5 stars!

D. D. Olsom – CNA:  Top Notch!

Tamara Brewer – Transportation/CNA  Goes above and BEYOND!

Robyn – night shift – CNA  5 stars!

Debbie Brown – LVN PM shift – 5 stars!

Jonathan Lakey – CNA  5 stars!

Brandy Kodama – CNA/RA – Snack lady, sweetheart – 5 STARS!!!

Laurel Knight – CNA  GREAT JOB!!

Erin Roberts – RN “MY ANGEL” 5 Stars!

April Goebel – RN 5 Stars!

Kristina – Social Services – 5 STARS!

Leslie Hiroshima – P.T. 5 Stars! Taught me how to go up stairs.

Ryan – LVN – 5 Stars!

Nicci Henslick, Jeanie MacDonald RN, Juliana CNA  ALL 5 STARS!

AND, last but not least, Jameelah Miller CNA is a real gem!  She made my last night great and treated me like a queen!

From my heart to yours,

Family of (redacted)

Please enjoy the pizza!  You all deserve so much more, but I hope you know I truly appreciated all your kindness towards me!


Dear Daddy,

I know this birthday gift is late, but I had to catch up with a few things when I got home.

I miss you, but I know you are in good hands.  I made these cookies especially for you, but also for you to share with all the wonderful people helping you with your recovery.  Make sure you offer a “kiss” cookie to:

Deborah – Because she will whip your butt into shape and get you home quickly.  And she’ll do it with a smile on her face and loving hands.

Richard – With an apology from me that I was so bossy about not putting the pillow behind your knee that first day.  Don’t forget he likes good n plenty’s too!

David – Wish him good luck with his paramedic training, and many thanks for all the lifting and caring.

Dan – Also with an apology for us making him feel inadequate; because he is so capable of caring for you.  And prayers for his wife, that she may continue to feel strong.

And to ALL THE NURSES, THERAPISTS, AIDS, AND SERVERS who care for you.  I am so grateful that they do the work they do to help others in need.  Thank them.

Of course to Mom for being there day in day out.  I don’t need to tell you what a great wife and mom she is, and I know you would do the same for her.  Give her a real kiss for me.

Be a good patient, and enjoy the cookies, and GET HOME SOON!!  (But not before you’re ready)




May 20, 2012

Dear Mr. Jones,

I want you to know how much I appreciate the care my husband received at your facility.  The staff showed compassion and understanding.  I could not ask for more.

They also understood my concern and the feelings I had when turning his care over to others.  They ministered to me too.

Some went above and beyond in their contact with us.  I will not mention names in fear of forgetting someone.  They know who they are.  A special thanks them.

I can surely recommend The Pines at Placerville as a facility that stand by its stated commitment to quality care.

Beth Lytton


To The Staff at The Pines,

Thank you for your care and concern and sympathy.  I thank each and everyone who took care of Jack.  You all tried so hard to get him to be able to go home, but now he is in a better home in heaven.

Arlene Snyder


A big THANK YOU to Nancy in Admissions for returning my call and being so kind and helpful re: placement of my dad with Lewy Body Dementia.
Outstanding service and caring professional – not always evident.
I am sure patients appreciate her and I hope her service is acknowledged by administration.

best regards,
elayne azevedo

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